Gong Kuang——GK(Capital letters of Pinyin)

GK1CB locomotive is an advanced product of GK1C locomotive, which is made by Ziyang Works for mining industry, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, ports and private owned rail operations. A 6240ZJD diesel engine with 1 200 kW rated power and 1 100 kW loaded power.  Pulsed supercharging system is installed on this diesel engine as to improve the fuel consumption when the engine is not in full work load. Just like the other GK series, hydraulic driven reversing system is used, type ZJ4015GY hydraulic transmission gear box is chosen for this type of locomotive. Micro computer control system is used for reducing the electronic failure rate. Parts on GK1CB are interchangable with other types of GK locomotives.

The specification of GK1CB:

Axle load: 23 t
Axle arrangement: B - B
Total weight: 100±3%t 
Transmission: Hydraulic 

Maximum speed: 

(Shunting) 35 km/h; (Freighting) 75 km/h 

Continuous speed: 

(Shunting)9.5 km/h; (Freighting) 14 km/h 

Continuous traction force: 

(Shunting)273 kN; (Freighting) 175 kN 

Maximum starting traction force: (Shunting)323 kN; (Freighting) 232 kN 
Minimum track radius negotiated: 70 m 
Fuel tank capacity: 3 800 L 
Locomotive size: 14 900 × 3 376 × 4 716 mm 


(PIC 1) Akira ZHONG, (others) Jason WONG

Text & translation: Akira ZHONG


PIC 1: Typed GK1CB diesel locomotive

PIC 2: The II end of GK1CB

PIC 3: The bogie of GK1CB