ND2 diesel locomotive was imported from Romania, 284 were imported during the 1970s' and 1980s'. 50 of them were used to pay off the debt with China.

ND2 originally is the type 060 DA diesel locomotive in Romania which was the most famous diesel locomotive. This locomotive was made by Electroputere S.A. Romania which licensed by Switzerland. The 'N' in ND2 means diesel locomotive, 'D' means electric transmission and '2' means the second imported locomotive. ND2 is a modified and redesigned version of 060 DA locomotive, modification was done to meet China's operation criteria, such as main driver's control desk was swithed from left to right; two side-doors inseatd of one and rounded locomotive face.

After many years of service in China, most of the ND2 locomotives were re-purchased by Romania for private users. (Accoding to 'TODAY'S RAILWAYS' magazine)

Grupul Feroviar Roman, a biggest private owned railway company in Romania re-purchased 20 ND2s from Shanghai Railway Bureau in 2004. They were refurbished and modified by EUROEST when back to Romania, and re-modeled as type 60 soon. Some ND2's characters were remained after the refurbishment as they can be easily recognized among with other type 60 locomotives.

The specification of ND2:

Axle arrangement: Co-Co

Rated power: 2 300hp (1 690 kW)

Loaded power: 2 100hp (1 540 kW)

Transmission: DC


(PIC 1~3)An YAN, 


Text & translation: Akira ZHONG


PIC 1: ND2 diesel locomotive

PIC 2: Some of the ND2 locomotives were used to haul special engineer 

trains after being eliminated

PIC 3: The front-view of ND2 locomotive

PIC 4: The moment of waiting for being refurbished when

 they had transported back to Romania

PIC 5: After the refurbishment in Romania

PIC 6: The side-view of ND2 locomotive (when loading up to cargo ship)