Electric Train Set

CRH5(the abbreviation of China Railway Highspeed) 

CRH5 is made by Changchun railway coach manufacturer (with Alstom technology), the original model in Finland is SM3. It is one of the high speed train sets (Others are: CRH1, CRH2 and CRH3) that start operating under the event of The 6th of speeding up of China's railways. Maximum operating speed: 200km/h; train set arrangement: 5 power cars + 3trailers; power car axle arrangement: Bo-Bo. Due to the political reasons, all the CRH train sets have been renamed as “Hexie hao” (means: harmony) since the first quarter of 2007.



PIC 1: CRH5 high speed electric train set


Photo author: Kikoboy


Basic data of CRH5:

trainset arrangement: (3M+1T) + (2M+2T)
classes: first-class, second-class, bar and dining car
capacity(person): 602+2(disable people)
seating arrangement:first-class( 2+2), second-class(2+3)
maximum operating speed (km/h): 200 (can be raise up to 300km/h)
maximum testing speed (km/h): 250
track gauge (mm):1435
require platform height (mm): 500~1200
transmission: AC-DC-AC
traction power (kW): 5500
length and weight: 211.5m , 451t
body: aluminum alloy

air tightness: (inside the coach) from 4kPa down to 1kPa takes longer than 40s'
length of the cab car (mm): 27600
length of the coach(mm): 25000
width (mm): 3200
height (mm): 4270
air-conditioning: ceiling unit air-conditioning system
type of bogie: Bolsterless air spring bogies
axle weight (t ) ≤16/17
diametre of wheel (mm): 890/810
axle between bogies(mm): 2700
operating voltage: AC25kV , 50Hz
traction converter: IGBT (water cooling) VVVF
power of traction motor: 550kW
starting acceleration (m/s2): 0.5
type of braking: straightway electropneumatic breaking, back-up auto air breaking system
distance of emergency breaking (m) (200km/h): ≤2000
back-up power supply: three-phase AC380V, 50HzDC24V


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